Event Pictures

Exhibition Doha
One year anniversary 2012 Christmas Exhibition Malwerkstatt 2011
Vernissage Art Room Merikon part I
Vernissage Art Room Merikon part II
Open air Gallery Katzelsdorf
Studio Opening KM-Keramik in Gerasdorf
(Fotos: © Peter Hickersberger und © J.Ott)
Vodka Fountain Premiere
at Bar Wien
Calendar Presentation at MALWERKSTATT
(Fotos: © J.Ott fotto.at)

Calendar Presentation
'Wein und Wasser'
(Fotos: Alwin Sanares und Ronny Uy-oco)

Advent Exhibition at
(Fotos: © Eva Ott/fotto.at)
Advent Exhibition at Schloss Freiland Arts and Crafts, Spittelberg, Raku Firing with Christine and Reinhard Mühleder
Arts and Crafts, Spittelberg Exhibition at PVÖ






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